Hospitales religiosos convocan huelga por impase en negociaciones del convenio

Hospitales religiosos convocan huelga por impase en negociaciones del convenio

UGT, CCOO, CSIF, and SATSE have announced on Wednesday at SERLA the call for an indefinite strike starting in the last week of November in the private healthcare and socio-health sector in the province of Palencia, which will affect the San Juan de Dios Healthcare Center, Hermanas Hospitalarias, and the Recoletas Hospital.

Representatives from the four unions stated this after holding an informative assembly, during which the workers in the sector unanimously agreed to this call "in view of the blockage and irresponsibility of the sector's employers in the collective bargaining negotiations," as stated in a press release.

In the same press release, they recalled that they have been organizing rallies since the summer, which have led to this indefinite strike "due to the lack of willingness to reach agreements to improve the working conditions of the staff." The unions that make up the negotiating committee stated that the requested salary increase is in line with what was agreed upon in the V AENC.

Furthermore, they have proposed "greater recognition for night shift workers, as well as shared responsibility in fulfilling the agreements reached in the negotiating committee."

In response to these "responsible and legitimate" requests, as defined by union representatives, they are faced with an employers' association that refuses to improve working conditions and only proposes a 3% salary increase, which, moreover, "with a clear intention to divide the staff," would only apply in two of the three major centers.

At the same time, they dismiss the employers' excuses of "financial constraints" as those of a "bad payer," although the unions point out that "they are increasing their profits with the updates to the amounts received from the Junta of Castilla y León."



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